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I didn’t think helena would return so early this season and i’m still buzzing from the sound of all i ever wanted. 

it brings up a topic i really want to discuss. helena as an intelligent person and not a baby who can’t do anything. i am guilty of calling her my baby but to me it is like saying my favorite, which is different than treating her like she can’t do anything. i have talked about her in the kitchen and what a disaster that would be, but i honestly believe that’s true. i’m not saying that she doesn’t have child-like tendencies, she does, but that doesn’t make her a child and that’s not all there is to her.

I really just want to point out that she is intelligent and she isn’t incapable of doing things on her own. she’s good with numbers and puzzles as can be seen by her creation of the fortune teller. yes it’s a childs game, but it’s made so much more when she makes it a number puzzle and a distraction. which brings up another thing, she’s smart enough to be one step ahead of everyone else. she leads everyone away with a number game in order to get into the station. yeah she isn’t great at looking exactly like sarah as beth, but she does it. and it doesn’t stop there. she had to have hacked into beth’s computer. sarah had to get a password reset from raj. helena clearly didn’t go that route. the recording that she sends via her phone to sarah was recorded from the chair at the station. the only way to do that was to be on the computer. so she knows a thing or two about phones and technology and is not to be discounted. she also uses sarah’s position as an impostor within the force in order to get her to talk to her. she gives out clues so it’s even harder for sarah to stay undercover. helena leaves sarah with no choice other than to do what she wants her to do.

she’s also good at finding people. sorry to all the dead clones, but if she sucked at what she did they would still be alive. and she doesn’t just kill them with a handgun at close range or attack them, she knows how to use and operate a sniper rifle (with accuracy, again sorry), which is no simple task. she’s deadly and she’s intelligent. she’s also kind and innocent, and that’s what a lot of people focus on. i’m guilty of this too but i just wanted to say that she’s smart

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